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The ripple effect in community nursing

Forbat L (2011) The ripple effect in community nursing. British Journal of Community Nursing, 16 (5), p. 213.

Carers have long been a focus of health and social care policy and practice, with a clear marker being set down in the 1995 Carers (recognition and services) Act (Department of Health (DH), 1995). Since that time, a range of other policies have encouraged practitioners to consider not just the patient, but also the person providing unpaid care for them, often highlighting the cost savings to governments in the informal provision of care. Such caregiving is provided in the context of a wide range of illnesses, such as progressive and degenerative conditions like dementia, acute onset such as stroke or relapsing/remitting disease such as multiple sclerosis.

; Community health nursing

British Journal of Community Nursing: Volume 16, Issue 5

Author(s)Forbat, Liz
Publication date31/05/2011
PublisherMark Allen Group
Publisher URL…t.html?uid=83613
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