A profile of female retail managers: Some insights


Broadbridge A (1999) A profile of female retail managers: Some insights. Service Industries Journal, 19 (3), pp. 135-161.

This article provides an overview of the profile of male and female managers in the retail sector and speculates on the underlying sources for women's under-representation in managerial positions, particularly at the senior levels of retailing. Although differences were found between the male and female responses (notably those which can be attributed to a cultural climate dominated by male values and norms), similarities were also noted (which demonstrates the inadequacy of a human capital approach to explaining women's lack of representation in management positions). The findings uphold that explanations for women's under-representation in senior management positions may be attributed to organisational culture and policies which uphold male characteristics as the accepted norm for managerial behaviour.

Service Industries Journal: Volume 19, Issue 3

Publication date31/07/1999
PublisherTaylor and Francis