Women at the top in British retailing: plus ca change?


Broadbridge A (2010) Women at the top in British retailing: plus ca change?. Service Industries Journal, 30 (8), pp. 1219-1243.

Building on Thomas's research a decade ago, this article provides an update on women's representation on retail boards. Findings show that women directors were more likely to be found in the retail sector than many other business sectors: women were represented on all six FTSE 100 retail boards and comprise almost a quarter of all non-executive directors (NEDs) in these companies; market capitalisation was significantly higher for companies with women on their boards than for all-male boards; and a high proportion of the women retail directors are represented on the key committees. However, all the retail firms' boards were male dominated and 42% had no women in board-level positions. Male executive directors and NEDs outnumber women in a ratio of 8:1. The power base of retail boards remains a male preserve. Thus, it would seem that women board members in retail today have not significantly changed since Thomas's findings in 1997.

women; directors; retailing; FTSE companies; executive

Service Industries Journal: Volume 30, Issue 8

Publication date31/07/2010
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)