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Life histories in housing research: The case of Pakistanis in Glasgow

Bowes A, Dar N & Sim D (1997) Life histories in housing research: The case of Pakistanis in Glasgow. Quality and Quantity, 31 (2), pp. 109-125.

The discussion centers on three key criticisms of life history techniques, which are reviewed and evaluated with reference to data from research on Pakistani housing histories in Glasgow. Firstly, the 'problem of bias' is reframed as an issue of reflexivity, which enhances research findings. Secondly, awareness of the cultural construction of life histories allows greater depth of analysis. And thirdly the problem of the relationship between the life history and wider social forces is argued to increase awareness and understanding of social actor agency. In conclusion, we argue that life history techniques can develop research on housing careers, particularly of Pakistanis, provided certain of their properties are recognised in the process of analysis.

Quality and Quantity: Volume 31, Issue 2

Author(s)Bowes, Alison; Dar, Naira; Sim, Duncan
Publication date31/05/1997
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