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Home Care Systems



Turner KJ & Maternaghan C (2012) Home Care Systems. In: Kenneth JT (ed.) Advances in Home Care Technologies: Results of The MATCH Project. Assistive Technology Research, 31. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press, pp. 11-29.

This chapter introduces the MATCH home care system. The nature of a home care system is introduced, along with its context. The background to this topic is given, dealing with aspects such as home networks, component frameworks, home automation and home care. The architecture of the MATCH system and the flow of data through it are explained at a high level. Key aspects of the system are then outlined. It is seen how sensor and actuator data can be combined. Rules can be defined for home care in the form of high-level goals and lower-level policies. The system supports dynamic configuration so that the best combination of capabilities can be selected for the current circumstances. Multimodal interaction allows the system to communicate with users in convenient and acceptable ways. It is also explained how the MATCH system design has inspired new projects. The chapter concludes with a summary of the system, an assessment of the approach, and pointers to future work.

Title of seriesAssistive Technology Research
Number in series31
Publication date31/10/2012
PublisherIOS Press
Publisher URL…re-technologies/
Place of publicationAmsterdam, Netherlands

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Professor KEN Turner

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