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Housing and inequality


Anderson I & Sim D (eds.) (2011) Housing and inequality. Practice studies. Coventry: Chartered Institute of Housing. http://www.cih.co.uk/publication/display/vpathDCR/templatedata/cih/publication/data/Housing_and_Inequality

The UK is a much more unequal society than it was 30 years ago. Over the same period, housing tenure has also been transformed, with a much larger proportion owning their own home and having access to the assets resulting from soaring property values. But where does this leave the one third of society who struggle to maintain their living standards? Many are living in social rented housing, but many too are in the private rented sector and even owner-occupation has its share of poor households. The links between housing and social inequality are complex and this book aims to untangle them for the reader. A range of contributors, drawing from their own research, cover topics such as: housing and economic inequality concentrated poverty in social housing estates neighbourhoods and estate regeneration whether mixed communities help tackle inequality inequality over the life course homelessness migrants, housing and inequality disabled people and their need for accessible housing.  As well as chapters which set the context for discussions about inequality and housing, and a concluding chapter on what a more equitable housing policy might look like, Alan Murie provides an overarching chapter on the prospects for housing policy and inequality. Several chapters also provide international comparisons, especially with the EU. The book is both a contribution to an important debate, and an excellent source for students, researchers and practitioners who want to understand why housing plays such an important part - both in creating inequality and in driving the policies that aim to reduce it.

Housing; Inequality

EditorProfessor Isobel Anderson
Title of seriesPractice studies
Publication date31/12/2011
PublisherChartered Institute of Housing
Publisher URLhttp://www.cih.co.uk/…g_and_Inequality
Place of publicationCoventry