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Policies to Address Homelessness: Rights-Based Approaches


Anderson I (2012) Policies to Address Homelessness: Rights-Based Approaches. In: Smith S, Elsinga M, O'Mahony L, Eng O, Wachter S & Fitzpatrick S (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Vol 5. International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, 5. Oxford: Elsevier Science, pp. 249-254.

Homeless, To be homeless: state of lacking adequate shelter; state of lacking a secure, adequate, affordable private space from which to conduct one's life. Note that definitions vary according to social and cultural context as well as national and international legal frameworks. Homelessness: Recognised social phenomenon of identifiable population lacking adequate housing; field for welfare policy intervention by state and non-state agencies in local, national, and international spheres. Justiciable right to housing: Right to housing which is enshrined in law and legally enforceable through the court system in a nation state by individuals or households lacking adequate accommodation. Social right to housing: Right to housing conveyed through a national constitution, a national welfare system, or an international treaty which acknowledges housing as a fundamental human right for those subject of such a constitution, welfare state, or international treaty, and where states seek to ensure housing as a human right but do not necessarily guarantee an individual right enforceable at law.

Housing Rights; Homelessness ; Homelessness Great Britain ; Housing policy Great Britain

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