The role of store image in retail internationalisation


Burt S & Carralero-Encinas J (2000) The role of store image in retail internationalisation. International Marketing Review, 17 (4/5), pp. 433-453.

Argues that for many retailers, competitive advantage in the home market has been based upon the development of strong store and corporate images as retailers strive to develop themselves as brands in their own right. The construction of store image, comprising both tangible and intangible dimensions, compounds problems of moving into international markets - as consumers in the host environment are less familiar with the intangible dimensions of image, which have been built up over time with exposure to the retail company. Retail companies therefore need to fully understand the importance of image in competitive positioning and the components of store image before attempting to replicate this image and positioning overseas. Explores these issues with reference to Marks & Spencer and the company's entry into the Spanish market. A survey of customer perceptions of a range of store image attributes in the UK and Spain, reveals differences and similarities in perceptions, which must be managed if a standardised position is to be sought in the host market.

Globalization; Image; International marketing; Retailing; Stores

International Marketing Review: Volume 17, Issue 4/5

Publication date31/12/2000
PublisherEmerald Publishing Group/ MCB UP Ltd