Understanding the arrival of limited line discount stores in Britain


Burt S & Sparks L (1995) Understanding the arrival of limited line discount stores in Britain. European Management Journal, 13 (1), pp. 110-119.

Grocery retailing in Great Britain has not had the best of times in recent years, particularly in comparison to other European countries and retailers. Attacked on the one hand by the Press and city analysts for their pricing and accounting policies and confronted on the other hand by a wave of incoming discount operators, the leading food multiples have had to rethink their tactical and strategic positioning. This rethinking has thus far focused on tactical price positioning and sub-brand developments to face down price competition accounting policy restructuring to assuage City fears and the beginnings of strategic responses through experiments with new formats. This paper by Steve Burt and Leigh Sparks aims to inform the debate and consideration of change in the grocery market in both Britain and continental Europe as a whole. It endeavours to provide an understanding of reasons for the current changes, focusing in particular on the arrival of the limited line discount store in Britain and through a retail format analysis, suggests likely directions for the future.

European Management Journal: Volume 13, Issue 1

Publication date31/03/1995