Corporate Branding, Retailing, and Retail Internationalization


Burt S & Sparks L (2002) Corporate Branding, Retailing, and Retail Internationalization. Corporate Reputation Review, 5 (2/3), pp. 194-212.

Corporate branding emerged as a key concept in the late 1990s. A number of leading retailers have embraced corporate branding and, it could be argued, are among its most extensive proponents. There are, however, issues for retailers in corporate branding arising from the nature of retail operations. Internationalization has for many retailers been a key strategy of recent years. Issues also emerge in the relationship of corporate branding to the process of internationalization. This paper discusses examples from the .elds of corporate branding, retailing and internationalization, raising issues about the interaction of these interlinked areas and about the future research agenda.

reputation; image; identity; brand; stakeholder; communications; intangibles; philanthropy; advertising; positioning; corporate branding; e-communication

Corporate Reputation Review: Volume 5, Issue 2/3

Publication date31/10/2002
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan