UK unemployment in the great recession


Bell D & Blanchflower D (2010) UK unemployment in the great recession. National Institute Economic Review, 214 (1), pp. R3-R25.

This paper considers some of the implications of the increase in UK unemployment since the beginning of the Great Recession. The major finding is that the sharp increase in unemployment and decrease in employment is largely concentrated on the young. This has occurred at a time when the size of the youth cohort is large. As a response to a lack of jobs there has been a substantial increase in applications to university, although there has only been a small rise in the number of places available. Further we find evidence that the unemployed have particularly low levels of well-being, are depressed, have low levels of life satisfaction, have difficulties paying their bills and are especially likely to be in financial difficulties.

Unemployment; youth unemployment; unhappiness

National Institute Economic Review: Volume 214, Issue 1

Publication date31/10/2010
PublisherSAGE Publications