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International Happiness: A New View on the Measure of Performance

Blanchflower D & Oswald AJ (2011) International Happiness: A New View on the Measure of Performance. Academy of Management Perspectives, 25 (1), pp. 6-22.

This paper describes the findings from a new, and intrinsically interdisciplinary, literature on happiness and well-being. The paper focuses on international evidence. We report the patterns in modern data, discuss what has been persuasively established and what has not, and suggest paths for future research. Looking ahead, our instinct is that this social science research avenue will gradually merge with a related literature -- from the medical, epidemiological, and biological sciences -- on biomarkers and health. Nevertheless, we expect that intellectual convergence to happen slowly.

Happiness research; Performance management: Interdisciplinary research; Well-being; Quality of life; Work; Sociological aspects

Academy of Management Perspectives: Volume 25, Issue 1

Author(s)Blanchflower, David; Oswald, Andrew J
Publication date28/02/2011
PublisherAcademy of Management
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