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Workplace industrial relations in Britain, 1980–2004

Blanchflower D, Bryson A & Forth J (2007) Workplace industrial relations in Britain, 1980–2004. Industrial Relations Journal, 38 (4), p. 285–302.

The Workplace Industrial Relations Surveys marked a radical departure in the study of industrial relations (IR) by 'mapping' IR in Britain with nationally representative large-scale surveys of workplace managers, thus permitting investigation of the incidence of practices and changes over time. This article reflects on some of what we have learned in the five surveys over the quarter century since 1980, focusing selectively on the demise of collective IR, pay determination, the IR climate, and union effects on wages and employment growth.

Industrial Relations Journal: Volume 38, Issue 4

Author(s)Blanchflower, David; Bryson, Alex; Forth, John
Publication date31/07/2007
Publication date online12/06/2007
PublisherBlackwell Publishing
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