Egg quality criteria in common dentex (Dentex dentex)


Gimenez G, Estevez A, Lahnsteiner F, Zecevic B, Bell JG, Henderson RJ, Pinera JA & Sanchez-Prado JA (2006) Egg quality criteria in common dentex (Dentex dentex). Aquaculture, 260 (1-4), pp. 232-243.

The spawning quality, in terms of hatching rate, larval mortality at 3 and 5 days post-hatching (dph) and day of total mortality of two broodstock groups of common dentex was evaluated for 1 month in 2005. Several biochemical parameters including total lipid content, lipid class and fatty acid composition, carbohydrate content and metabolic enzyme activities were analysed in all the egg batches collected. Comparison was carried out between low- (mortality at 3 dph higher than 35%) and high-quality (mortality at 3 dph lower than 10%) batches. No differences were observed in lipid content and/or lipid class and fatty acid composition although a slightly higher content of neutral lipids was detected in high-quality batches. However, significant differences were obtained regarding carbohydrate composition and the activity of enzymes such as alkaline phosphatase and pyruvate kinase being higher in low-quality egg batches.

Egg quality; Lipids; Carbohydrates; Enzymes; Common dentex

Aquaculture: Volume 260, Issue 1-4

Publication date30/09/2006