Cambuskenneth Abbey and Its Estates: Lands, Resources and Rights


Oram R (2012) Cambuskenneth Abbey and Its Estates: Lands, Resources and Rights. Forth Naturalist and Historian, 35, pp. 99-112.

Considering its prominence as one of the greatest of the Scottish royal abbeys, Cambuskenneth near Stirling has remained relatively under-researched despite the survival of an extensive body of pre-Reformation record evidence for its history and development.  This essay explores the material relating to the structure and composition of the abbey's economic resources, from the landed properties acquired in the twelfth century through to the rental income from urban holdings acquired in the sixteenth century, and considers the changing profile of its portfolio over time.  It offers a broad overview of the composition and physical spread of the landed estate and the progressive shifts in significance to the canons of the different elements from which their income was derived.

Cambuskenneth; resources; environment; fishing rights; rental income; appropriation; burgages; mills

Forth Naturalist and Historian: Volume 35

Publication date31/12/2012
PublisherForth Naturalist and Historian
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