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The story of a 'boss man', his community and the 1984 miners' strike

Bolton SC & Ditchburn J (2012) The story of a 'boss man', his community and the 1984 miners' strike. Work, Employment and Society, 26 (6), pp. 1019-1027.;

The aim of this particular 'on the frontline' account is to allow the voice of a pit overman, Jack Ditchburn, to tell his own story of being a miner, a trade unionist, and a 'boss man' - a man who saw himself as miner first and foremost and as manager second (Beynon et al., 1991). Jack worked as a miner in the Blackhall and Horden pits, part of the Durham coalfields, which were some of the most deeply affected by the 84-85 strike. Jack's narrative adds rich biographical detail to current understandings of the work of a miner, the '84 strike, the characters involved, and the relationships made and broken by it.

miners' strike; miners; strike; NACOD; narrative; community; Durham coalfields; Management; Industrial Management

Work, Employment and Society: Volume 26, Issue 6

Author(s)Bolton, Sharon C; Ditchburn, Jack
Publication date31/12/2012
PublisherSAGE Publications for the British Sociological Association
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