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'Emotion Here, Emotion There, Emotional Organisations Everywhere'

Bolton SC (2000) 'Emotion Here, Emotion There, Emotional Organisations Everywhere'. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 11 (2), pp. 155-171.

First paragraph: In the nineties the subjects of love, intimacy and emotion have entered centre stage of general sociological debate. Recent research concerning the ideologies of "love and intimacy in heterosexual coupledom" (Duncombe & Marsden, 1993), attempts to theorise being "in love" (Jackson, 1993) and a feminist analysis of "emotion and gender" (Crawford et al., 1992) have all helped to fill a gap left by British sociology's previous neglect of the issue of emotion. Declarations that "even sociologists fall in love" (Jackson, 1993) cannot fail to capture attention, whilst ensuing lively debate (Duncombe & Marsden, 1993, 1996; Craib, 1995; Williams & Bendelow, 1996), concerning an adequate theoretical background for the sociological study of emotion, guarantees that the "sociology of emotion" remains an engaging subject.

Critical Perspectives on Accounting: Volume 11, Issue 2

Author(s)Bolton, Sharon C
Publication date30/04/2000
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