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The UK's best could do so much better

Bolton SC (2006) The UK's best could do so much better. Personnel Today, pp. 14-14.

The article presents information on the newspaper "Sunday Times'," Best Companies to Work For list. Companies that achieve a position in the prestigious list use it as a branding exercise to position themselves as employers of choice. Employees at these organizations repeatedly cite skiing trips, weekends in Spain, boozy barbecues and awards ceremonies as indicators of their caring approach to employees. On average, 56% of employees working for best companies are under 35, and only 6% are over 55, compared with the general working population, of which only 36% are under 35 and 15% are over 55.

Personnel Today

Author(s)Bolton, Sharon C
Publication date07/03/2006
PublisherReed Business Publications
Publisher URL…=buh&AN=20297745
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