Evolutionary Psychology in the Modern World: Applications, Perspectives, and Strategies



Roberts SC, van Vugt M & Dunbar RIM (2012) Evolutionary Psychology in the Modern World: Applications, Perspectives, and Strategies. Evolutionary Psychology, 10 (5), pp. 762-769.

An evolutionary approach is a powerful framework which can bring new perspectives on any aspect of human behavior, to inform and complement those from other disciplines, from psychology and anthropology to economics and politics. Here we argue that insights from evolutionary psychology may be increasingly applied to address practical issues and help alleviate social problems. We outline the promise of this endeavor, and some of the challenges it faces. In doing so, we draw parallels between an applied evolutionary psychology and recent developments in Darwinian medicine, which similarly has the potential to complement conventional approaches. Finally, we describe some promising new directions which are developed in the associated papers accompanying this article.

applied evolutionary psychology; evolution; human behavior; evolutionary medicine

Evolutionary Psychology: Volume 10, Issue 5

Publication date31/12/2012
Publication date online30/12/2012
PublisherIan Pitchford and Robert M. Young, Editors

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Professor Craig Roberts

Professor Craig Roberts

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