The Responses of Scottish Churchmen to the French Revolution, 1789–1802


Vincent E (1994) The Responses of Scottish Churchmen to the French Revolution, 1789–1802. Scottish Historical Review, 73 (196), pp. 191-215.;

Despite initial enthusiasm for the Revolution in France, most Scottish clergymen of all denominations preached and published loyalism in the 1790s. Even most Evangelicals and Seceders temporarily put aside any reformist convictions they had in favour of conservatism during the decade to 1802, though they were more likely than Church of Scotland Moderates to retain some sympathy for political liberalism and to oppose the war against France. The Haldane movement was blamed on revolutionary principles, and may have benefited from popular political energy, but constantly tried to dissociate itself from radical politics.

Church of Scotland; Seceders; Burghers; Anti-Burghers; Relief Church; Unitarians; Neil Douglas; Archibald Bruce; Thomas Fysshe Palmer; Robert and James Haldane; French Revolution; loyalism.; France History Revolution, 1789-1799 ; Church of Scotland Clergy ; Clergy Scotland ; Public opinion Scotland History 18th century ; Loyalty Religious aspects

Scottish Historical Review: Volume 73, Issue 196

Publication date31/10/1994
PublisherEdinburgh University Press
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