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Edited Book

Working with Women Offenders in the Community

Sheehan R, McIvor G & Trotter C (eds.) (2011) Working with Women Offenders in the Community. Cullompton: Willan.

The recent increase in women's incarceration around the world has generated significant interest in explaining this growth in numbers and identifying female offenders’ distinctive circumstances and needs. It has also prompted a re-examination of community based alternatives to custody and whether and how enhancements to existing community based services might stem the flow of women to custody. This book argues that correctional intervention is more effective for women offenders when it is gender responsive, and that the needs of women offenders are best met within the community, by programmes and approaches such as those discussed . Gender responsive community based sanctions are seen as having the potential to reduce the high number of very short custodial sentences that characterise women's incarceration in many jurisdictions.

women and punishment; community services; gender appropriate service; social justice

EditorProfessor Gillian McIvor
Publication date31/12/2011
Publisher URL
Place of publicationCullompton
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