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Managing Sex Offender Risk

Kemshall H & McIvor G (eds.) (2004) Managing Sex Offender Risk. Research Highlights in Social Work, 46. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Based on key research into assessment, treatment and recidivism, this book offers practical guidance on improving intervention techniques with sex offenders. The contributors explore the monitoring and surveillance strategies and cognitive-behavioural techniques currently used both in prison and in the community, and give clear directions for future practice. Providing a detailed overview of the typologies and characteristics of offenders, they suggest strategies for managing different kinds of offender, including children and young people who are sexually aggressive. The Sex Offenders Act and the Crime and Disorder Act emphasise the need for effective community management of the predatory paedophile. Reviewing the recent growth in multi-agency approaches to this challenge, the book discusses how police, prisons and social work departments can share information and collaborate effectively, and will be essential reading for probation officers, prison staff, social workers and anyone involved in the assessment and management of sex offenders.

sex offenders; risk assessment and management

EditorProfessor Gillian McIvor
Title of seriesResearch Highlights in Social Work
Number in series46
Publication date31/12/2004
PublisherJessica Kingsley
Publisher URL
Place of publicationLondon
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