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Women who Offend

McIvor G (ed.) (2004) Women who Offend. Research Highlights in Social Work, 44. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Presenting research that will underpin effective practice with women who offend, this unique and thought-provoking text aims to help professionals meet the needs of this group as well as providing a theoretical resource for policy makers and academics. The authors, coming from a variety of professional and research perspectives, discuss important issues concerning women in the criminal justice system, including: * the increase in custodial sentences for women * black women in prison * patterns of female offending * drug use and the criminal justice system * the needs of women on release from prison. Calling into question the relevance to female offenders of research conducted with men who commit crime, the contributors provide a comprehensive knowledge base on women and crime for professionals who work in this area. With a broad range of contributions, this book will be helpful to probation officers, social workers, policy makers and others who work with female offenders.

female offending; criminal justice; women and punishment

EditorProfessor Gillian McIvor
Title of seriesResearch Highlights in Social Work
Number in series44
Publication date31/12/2004
PublisherJessica Kingsley
Publisher URL
Place of publicationLondon
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