Research Report

International Evidence Review of Conditional (Suspended) Sentences


Armstrong S, McIvor G, McNeill F & McGuinness P (2013) International Evidence Review of Conditional (Suspended) Sentences. Scottish Government - Learning & Justice - Justice. SCCJR Research Reports, 01/2013. Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

First paragraph: In this report we summarise the international research on conditional sentences. According to our terms of reference, we sought evidence on such sentences and the effect they have been shown to have on: - sentencing: have judges made use of such sentences in cases which otherwise would have resulted in immediate custodial sentences, and is there any evidence of net widening? - reoffending: what impact have conditional sentences had on the consequent involvement of people in the criminal justice system? - perceptions: what do the public, sentencers, offenders and others think about conditional sentences?

Title of seriesSCCJR Research Reports
Number in series01/2013
Publication date31/01/2013
Publication date online01/2013
PublisherScottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research
Publisher URL…january-2013.pdf