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The Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki



Hadland A & Rantao J (1999) The Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki. Cape Town South Africa: Zebra Press.

In this, the first ever biography of South Africa's new president, two of South Africa's senior political writers take an in-depth look at the life, times, and vision of the man who has succeeded Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa. Based on extensive interviews and years of close coverage of Mbeki's political career, the authors reveal the man behind the public persona and predict the future course of South Africa's leader. There has been and continues to be controversy about the skills and tactics of Mbeki over the years: there are rumors of his ruthless acumen, of his alienation from South Africa's grassroots communities, and of his need to consult to the point of indecisiveness. Hadland and Rantao take on these perceptions and confirm of rebut them with concrete examples from the backrooms and corridors of Mbeki's life. They uncover the way Mbeki looks at and deals with life on a day-to-day basis, his preferences, his major speeches, and his key interactions, painting a complete picture of the man who will lead South Africa into the next century. Show More Show Less

Publication date31/12/1999
PublisherZebra Press
Place of publicationCape Town South Africa

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Professor Adrian Hadland

Professor Adrian Hadland

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