Young people's access to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs


Ogilvie D, Gruer L & Haw S (2005) Young people's access to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. BMJ, 331 (7513), pp. 393-6.

First paragraph: Young people's use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs causes concern. Early use of psychoactive substances can be harmful to health in the short term-for example, through injuries sustained or inflicted while intoxicated-and can lead to lasting patterns of consumption that increase the risk of many chronic diseases and social problems. Recent concern in the United Kingdom has focused on issues such as continued high levels of smoking by young women, binge drinking and associated antisocial behaviour by young people in general, and higher levels of cannabis use in adolescents than in most European countries.

BMJ: Volume 331, Issue 7513

Publication date31/08/2005
PublisherBMJ Publishing Group

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