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Comparison of three different procedures for antireflux surgery

Stewart GD, Watson A, Lamb PJ, Lee AJ, Krukowski ZH, Griffin SM & Paterson-Brown S (2004) Comparison of three different procedures for antireflux surgery. British Journal of Surgery, 91 (6), pp. 724-729.

Background: No long-term comparisons of the various open and laparoscopic antireflux procedures have been undertaken. The aim of this study was to compare symptomatic outcomes of three procedures for antireflux surgery performed at three specialist units. Methods: Patients undergoing open Nissen fundoplication, laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication and laparoscopic anterior partial fundoplication between December 1993 and February 2001 were identified. Patient outcome was assessed by means of a postal questionnaire. This was a hypothesis-generating study. Results: Three hundred and fifty-seven patients (80·0 per cent) completed the questionnaire, with no differences in response rate between centres. Overall, a mean of only 7·6 per cent of patients reported a poor outcome. Logistic regression revealed no significant differences amongst the three procedures for any symptoms, after allowing for the effect of time. There was a general increase in the DeMeester score with increasing time from operation. The incidence of revisional reflux surgery was similar in the three groups. Conclusion: Medium-term symptomatic outcome following all three procedures was similar. There was some recurrence of symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux with time for all procedures, suggesting that the effects of surgery diminish with time. The level of experience of the surgeon in a particular operation was more important than the procedure performed.

British Journal of Surgery: Volume 91, Issue 6

Author(s)Stewart, Grant D; Watson, Angus; Lamb, Peter J; Lee, Amanda J; Krukowski, Zygmunt H; Griffin, S Michael; Paterson-Brown, Simon
Publication date30/06/2004
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