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Flat adenomas

Speake D, Biyani DK, Frizelle FA & Watson A (2007) Flat adenomas. ANZ Journal of Surgery, 77 (1-2), pp. 4-8.

This article was presented at the conjoint CSSA and RACS (colorectal section) spring meeting Queensland, Australia, September 2004. The adenoma-carcinoma sequence describes a succession of events from polypoid adenoma to colorectal cancer. However, this model only accounts for up to two-thirds of colorectal cancers. There is growing evidence that flat adenomas are precursor lesions to a flat type of colorectal cancer and certain subtypes of these polyps are at greater risk of malignant transformation. If confirmed, the implications for screening, endoscopic recognition and management will become of increasing importance if we are to decrease the incidence of colorectal cancer.

colonoscopy; colon polyp; colorectal cancer; flat adenoma

ANZ Journal of Surgery: Volume 77, Issue 1-2

Author(s)Speake, Douglas; Biyani, Deepak K; Frizelle, Frank A; Watson, Angus
Publication date31/01/2007
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