Social Networks of the Italian Mafia: The Strong and Weak Parts



Cayli B (2010) Social Networks of the Italian Mafia: The Strong and Weak Parts. CEU Political Science Journal, 5 (3), pp. 382-413.

A well-built social network system has enabled the Mafia to reach a certain level of success through three main networks: members, local people, and politicians. I assert that the role of the executive power of the state has been partially supportive in this success. This paper also concludes that to combat different Mafia groups, it is essential to know their strong and weak parts. Mafıa groups' well-built network system does not solely comprise of strong parts but that the weak parts also exist, albeit, that they have not yet played a defective role in the resolution of the Mafia. This study suggests that the illustration of both the strong and weak parts of these networks can have prominent and assisting role in the combat against the Mafia phenomenon in the future, either by strengthening the weak parts or by weakening the strong parts of its networks.

social networks; Italian mafia; anti-mafia politics; Italian politics

CEU Political Science Journal: Volume 5, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/2010
PublisherCentral European University, Budapest
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