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Gender Divisions in the Home



Punch S (2012) Gender Divisions in the Home. In: Smith S, Elsinga M, Fox OL, Seow EO, Wachter S & Dowling R (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Vol 2. Oxford: Elsevier, p. 264–268.

This chapter explores contemporary gender divisions in the home, showing that whilst there have been some changes and greater contributions by men, some inequalities continue to exist in the domestic division of labour. Traditional divisions of labour based on gender are outlined at the start of the chapter. It then discusses recent changes including increased gender equality, fathers ' participation in childcare and housework, and the challenges involved in creating a balance between family and work life. Gendered household roles in the majority world are outlined before discussing children's gendered divisions of labour.

Childcare; Domestic labour; Gender; Households

Publication date31/12/2012
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Professor Samantha Punch
Professor Samantha Punch

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