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Shutting up shop: Understanding the international exit process in retailing

Jackson TP, Mellahi K & Sparks L (2005) Shutting up shop: Understanding the international exit process in retailing. Service Industries Journal, 25 (3), pp. 355-371.

Internationalisation is a much-studied phenomenon. Exit from international markets has been less analysed. Where it has been studied, most work has been on motives and causes, with relatively little on processes. This article explores the process of international exit in a retail context. It examines the run-up to, announcement of and fall-out from the decision by Marks and Spencer (one of Britain's leading retailers) to close its French stores. The article concludes that understanding the process of market exit is at least as important both for theoretical and practical reasons as understanding the decision to exit or divest. Further research needs to be undertaken on market exit and the processes involved, in order to contribute further to the theory and practice of internationalisation.

Service Industries Journal: Volume 25, Issue 3

Author(s)Jackson, T Paul; Mellahi, Kamel; Sparks, Leigh
Publication date30/04/2005
Publication date online25/01/2007
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)
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