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Retail internationalisation: Marks and Spencer in Hong Kong

Jackson TP & Sparks L (2005) Retail internationalisation: Marks and Spencer in Hong Kong. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 33 (10), pp. 766-783.

Purpose - A case study of Marks and Spencer (M&S) in Hong Kong is used to explore aspects of the retail internationalisation process. Design/methodology/approach - The case study is developed from four main sources. First, national and trade press commentary on M&S's internationalisation. Secondly, M&S's publications and statements about their international activities. Thirdly, previous research on M&S in Hong Kong, including work by the authors. Finally, informal interviews with current and former M&S management involved in the Hong Kong development. The case study is organised into a description of phases of exporting, store development and crises. This is followed by a discussion of the key internationalisation issues raised in terms of market entry, maintenance and exit. Conclusions follow. Findings - The study emphasises that internationalisation is a non-linear, ongoing, dynamic activity involving developments, impacts and retrenchment at a variety of levels. Implications for future research in the area are drawn. Research limitations/implications - This is a case study of a particular retailer's internationalisation process in a particular country. The processes in other retailers operating other formats and selling other products and in other countries may be different. Further case studies will allow the generation of a wider understanding of the issues. Originality/value - The case study provides previously unpublished information on the retail internationalisation process as a whole. It encourages other comparative studies and further research into the topic.

Hong Kong; International trade; Retailing; United Kingdom

International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management: Volume 33, Issue 10

Author(s)Jackson, T Paul; Sparks, Leigh
Publication date31/12/2005
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