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Determining Identity and Nationality in Local Policing



Hamilton-Smith N & Patel S (2010) Determining Identity and Nationality in Local Policing. Home Office. Research Report, 42. Home Office.

This research developed out of a series of fairly pragmatic policy concerns regarding the potential benefits and productivity of closer co-operation between local police forces, national police agencies and the UK Border Agency (UKBA) within the context of local police encounters with foreign nationals and illegal migrants. Specifically, the broad aim of this research was to examine the current use, and potential for greater use, of immigration powers by the police when dealing with foreign nationals who have been arrested. In exploring these issues the research developed a number of components, including a baseline study examining working practices in a sample of ten police custody suites, together with the piloting of new enhanced practices for determining nationality and migrant status in a further four pilot sites. All sites were located in England and Wales.

organised immigration crime; foreign national arrestees; immigration enforcement; immigration and crime

Title of seriesResearch Report
Number in series42
Publication date31/08/2010
Publication date online08/2010
PublisherHome Office
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ISSN of series1756-3666

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Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith

Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith

Associate Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology