Improving Healthcare through Community OR



Walsh M & Hostick T (2005) Improving Healthcare through Community OR. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 56 (2), pp. 193-201.

Two examples of Community OR (COR) applied to public and patient involvement in improving health services in the UK are described-the Hull and East Riding Impact project and Trailblazers. These projects are consumer controlled but professionally facilitated. The team members have or have had mental illnesses but are committed to improving mental health services by applying COR methods. These projects illustrate how COR can contribute to the improvement of health services by enabling service users to take the lead in facilitating multi-stakeholder planning and problem solving. The Impact team produced a tool based around Ulrich's critical heuristics and have used this in several successful consultations in the NHS. The Trailblazer project used an idealized planning approach in a novel way to produce a distance method of consultation aimed at enabling stakeholders to negotiate commitments to action. Longer-term evaluation of these approaches is planned.

community OR; health social services; hospitals; philosophy; practice of OR; process of OR; soft OR/problem structuring; systems and OR

Journal of the Operational Research Society: Volume 56, Issue 2

Publication date28/02/2005
Publication date online08/12/2004
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan for the OR Society