Research Report

An Audit of Sports Provision in Higher Education in Scotland


Taylor J (2003) An Audit of Sports Provision in Higher Education in Scotland. Sportscotland. Sportscotland Research Report, 89. Sportscotland, Edinburgh, UK.

First paragraph: This summary presents the findings of an audit of sports provision in 13 higher education institutes in Scotland. The audit, which was undertaken in the spring of 2003, was undertaken by way of a self-completion questionnaire sent to Directors/Heads of sports departments. The 13 universities included in the audit were affiliated to the Scottish Universities Physical Education Association (SUPEA).

; Sports; Physical education and training

FundersScottish Student Sport
Title of seriesSportscotland Research Report
Number in series89
Publication date31/12/2003
PublisherSportscotland, Edinburgh, UK
Publisher URL…scotlandrr89.pdf