Books without Borders? Readers, Writers and Publishers in the Global Marketplace



Squires C (2010) Books without Borders? Readers, Writers and Publishers in the Global Marketplace. De Gulden Passer, 88 (2), pp. 133-152.

'Books without Borders?' presents an analysis of books in their 21st century industrial contexts, in relation to booksellers, readers, writers and publishers, as well as other agents in the communications circuit. Inspired by the demise of the retail chain Borders in the UK in 2009, ths article sets out on an international publishing journey to seek out evolving patterns of the literary marketplace and the book communications circuit from around the world. This is a period in which the industry once more finds itself in flux, not least because of digital developments. Touching down in a number of countires including China, Egypt, Peru and Scotland, the journey also attends the London Book Fair, sets afloat on the uncertain ocean of digital publishing, and addresses themes of piracy, censorship, and the interactions between the local and the global.

publishing; digital publishing; reading; writing; bookselling

De Gulden Passer: Volume 88, Issue 2

Publication date31/12/2010
PublisherAntwerpen: Vereeniging der Antwerpsche Bibliophielen
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Professor Claire Squires

Professor Claire Squires

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