Research Report

Team dynamics and doping in sport: A risk or a protective factor?



Dimeo P, Allen J, Taylor J, Dixon S & Robinson L (2013) Team dynamics and doping in sport: A risk or a protective factor?. World Anti-Doping Agency. Target Research Scheme. University of Stirling School of Sport.

This project was developed to respond to WADA's Target Research scheme (2011) (details of the expertise of the research team are in Appendix 1). The aim was to understand if being in a team environment provided protection from the risk of doping compared with athletes who pursued individual sports. The findings would serve to underpin anti-doping education, understand the causes and risk patterns of doping attitudes and behaviours, and would be relevant for specific policy formulation as Article 11 of the WADA Code provides for sanctioning teams where three or more players have been found guilty of a doping violation.

Title of seriesTarget Research Scheme
Publication date31/03/2013
PublisherUniversity of Stirling School of Sport
Publisher URL…11_Report_EN.pdf

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Dr Justine Allen
Dr Justine Allen

Senior Lecturer, Sport

Dr Paul Dimeo
Dr Paul Dimeo

Associate Professor, Sport