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Positive Coaching Scotland: Final Evaluation report for sportscotland



Lynn A, Allen J & Taylor J (2013) Positive Coaching Scotland: Final Evaluation report for sportscotland. Sportscotland. sportscotland.

Based on the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) programme, Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is a cultural change programme that aims to create a positive environment for young people in sport. PCA was formulated to help address the trend of drop out in American youth sport, attributed to negative sporting experiences and the influence of the win at all costs mentality prevalent in adult, professional sport. Evidence showed that many young people were being denied the opportunity to achieve their true sporting potential, learn valuable life lessons and experience the wide range of personal, health and social benefits that sport can offer. These issues are also relevant in Scotland and underpin the development of PCS. PCS focuses on the value of effort, learning from mistakes, respect for self and others, and responsibility. The programme aims to educate key influencers in sport such as club leaders, coaches, parents, and teachers, including young people themselves with the stated mission of PCS as: To recognise that through sport young people learn valuable life lessons. It challenges the win at all costs mentality and focuses instead on effort, learning from mistakes, respect, responsibility and success.

Publication date30/06/2013
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Dr Justine Allen

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