Book Chapter

Global Governance


Stripple J & Stephan H (2013) Global Governance. In: Falkner R (ed.) Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 146-162.

This chapter traces the emergence and maturation of the concept of global governance – first as a general manifestation and then in relation to global environmental issues. We emphasize the departure from a traditional IR lens on world politics and highlight the proliferation of hybrid, non-hierarchical and network-like modes of governing on the global stage. We also point to the potential implications for legitimacy, effectiveness and the analysis of power. In a second, empirical part, we illustrate four major practices of global governance (norm-creation, information-sharing, standard-setting, and implementation and capacity-building) through a brief summary of several transnational governance initiatives dealing with environmental or climate change issues. We conclude that governing 'beyond the state' is not a panacea, but that it may have both a moderately practical (short-term) and a transformative (long-term) impact, thus deserving further scholarly attention.

Global governance; environment; climate change; norms; information; standards; capacity building

Publication date30/04/2013
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Place of publicationChichester