Book Chapter

Global Climate Governance and Energy Choices


Zelli F, Pattberg P, Stephan H & van Asselt H (2013) Global Climate Governance and Energy Choices. In: Goldthau A (ed.) Handbook of Global Energy Policy. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 340-357.,descCd-description.html

This chapter maps and assesses the global climate change institutions and policies that relate to energy. First, we introduce the links between climate change governance and energy and discuss some current trends in energy use and their implications for climate change policy. Subsequently, we introduce the global climate governance architecture, including international and transnational arenas and institutions before we analyze each setting in more detail. The next section discusses the energy-related interlinkages between climate change and other issue areas, while the final section suggests options for managing interlinkages and provides an outlook on future research challenges.

Climate change; energy policy; international regime; public-private partnerships; transnational networks; institutional interlinkages

Publication date30/04/2013
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