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Research Report

Evaluation of the Airborne Initiative (Scotland)

McIvor G, Jamieson J, Gayle V, Moodie K & Netten A (2000) Evaluation of the Airborne Initiative (Scotland). Scottish Executive. Central Research Unit papers. Scottish Executive.

The Airborne Initiative (Scotland) (AIS) was established in 1994 to provide residential courses for offenders with the aims of reducing offending behaviour and enhancing employment and training prospects. AIS is part-funded by the Scottish Executive under the 100% funding arrangements and this study was commissioned to evaluate the effectiveness of Airborne since its relaunch following a management review in 1996.

Author(s)McIvor, Gill; Jamieson, Janet; Gayle, Vernon; Moodie, Kristina; Netten, Ann
Title of seriesCentral Research Unit papers
Publication date30/06/2000
PublisherScottish Executive
ISSN of series0950-2254
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