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Research Report

Social Work and Criminal Justice Volume 7: 'Community-based Throughcare'

McIvor G & Barry M (1998) Social Work and Criminal Justice Volume 7: 'Community-based Throughcare'. Scottish Office. Social Work Research Findings, No. 19. The Stationery Office.

National Objectives and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice System and the 100% funding initiative (`the policy') were introduced in l991 [ National Standards for Community Service had been introduced in l989.] in order to secure the provision of services which have the confidence of both criminal justice decision-makers and the wider public. This study is part of the social research programme designed to evaluate policy implementation. The aim of this study is to examine the process and outcomes of community-based throughcare.

Author(s)McIvor, Gill; Barry, Monica
Title of seriesSocial Work Research Findings
Number in seriesNo. 19
Publication date31/12/1998
PublisherThe Stationery Office
Publisher URL…76a-e3c14a27c621
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