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Research Report

Social Work and Criminal Justice Volume 6: 'Probation'

McIvor G & Barry M (1998) Social Work and Criminal Justice Volume 6: 'Probation'. Scottish Office. Social Work Research Findings, No. 18. The Stationery Office.

National Objectives and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice System and the 100% funding initiative (`the policy') were introduced in l991 [ National Standards for Community Service had been introduced in l989.] in order to secure the provision of services which have the confidence of both criminal justice decision-makers and the wider public. This study is part of the social research programme designed to evaluate policy implementation. It examines the process and outcomes of probation supervision.

Author(s)McIvor, Gill; Barry, Monica
Title of seriesSocial Work Research Findings
Number in seriesNo. 18
Publication date31/12/1998
PublisherThe Stationery Office
Publisher URL
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