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Evaluation of the Arrest Referral Pilot Schemes - Research Findings



Birch A, Dobbie F, Chalmers T, Barnsdale L, McIvor G & Yates R (2006) Evaluation of the Arrest Referral Pilot Schemes - Research Findings. Crime and Criminal Justice Research Findings, 87/2006. Scottish Executive.

Arrest Referral (AR) is one of a range of recent policy initiatives intended to disrupt the link between substance misuse and offending by improving uptake of services among arrestees whose offending may be linked to drug or alcohol use. Although there has been growing interest in AR in recent years, it was given new impetus in Scotland by the announcement in 2003 of Scottish Executive funding for a series of pilot projects. This paper presents the main findings from an evaluation of the schemes carried out by the Scottish Centre for Social Research and Stirling University.

; Drug abuse and crime

Title of seriesCrime and Criminal Justice Research Findings
Number in series87/2006
Publication date31/07/2006
PublisherScottish Executive
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Professor Gillian McIvor
Professor Gillian McIvor

Emeritus Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology