Epigenetic change: new from the seeds of the old



Burt G (2003) Epigenetic change: new from the seeds of the old. Strategic Change, 12 (7), pp. 381-393.

- This paper argues against the division of the perception of change into two dominant forms in the strategic change literature, incremental and paradigmatic. It argues that rather than the either/or nature of the incremental and paradigmatic change interpretation, there is a continuum of levels of real world change, with every change being capable of being interpreted as incremental at one aspirational level and paradigmatic at another. - The paper argues for a new type of change, termed ‘epigenetic change'. Epigenesis is the organic formation of new cells from existing cells. Epigenetic change is therefore partly within and partly outside recipe change. Epigenesis implies discontinuity, but where the old contains the seed of the new. It is argued that change can take place at three levels: incremental change, epigenetic change and paradigmatic change.

Strategic Change: Volume 12, Issue 7

Publication date30/11/2003

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Professor George Burt

Professor George Burt

Emeritus Professor, Management, Work and Organisation