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Research Report

Innovation in aquaculture teaching and learning

Bostock J, Steingrimsson SO, Pirhonen J, Fernandez-Borras J, Ronsholdt B, Dhont J, de Lara Rey J, Moulton MK, Kiessling A & Ueberschaer B (2008) Innovation in aquaculture teaching and learning. Aqua-Tnet. Aqua-Tnet.

This report has been prepared by the Workpackage 5 working group on innovation in learning. It aims to summarise the main findings of the group, and serve as an introduction to the topic for teachers and learners in aquaculture and aquatic resources management. The main focus of the group is the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning. The increasing power of computers and particularly their interconnections through the Internet, is changing the social and economic landscape and presenting new opportunities and challenges for learners, educators and academic institutions. This document has been developed from presentations and discussions between the group members. It aims to identify the key technologies and trends affecting higher education in Europe and potential responses by the aquaculture and aquatic resource community. The aim is to briefly introduce key themes, technologies and state of the art. Most of the topics can be explored in much greater detail through the Internet links that are provided at the end of each section.

; Fish-culture Study and teaching India; Freshwater fishes Study and teaching

Author(s)Bostock, John; Steingrimsson, Stefan Oli; Pirhonen, Juhani; Fernandez-Borras, Jaime; Ronsholdt, Bent; Dhont, Jean; de Lara Rey, Jose; Moulton, Michael Kirby; Kiessling, Anders; Ueberschaer, Bernd
Publication date31/12/2008
Publisher URL…mwbGi7ZsPvBs/pub
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