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Research Report

Supported accommodation for ex-offenders: Identifying effective practice

McIvor G & Taylor M (1995) Supported accommodation for ex-offenders: Identifying effective practice. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Housing Research Findings, 138. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

First paragraph: With 42 places of supported accommodation, Grampian has a higher level of provision, relative to its crimeload, than any other region in Scotland. Three projects provide this accommodation. Two are residential hostels with 24-hour support cover, owned and managed by the Social Work authority (the equivalent of the Probation Office in England and Wales). The third is a dispersed model of supported accommodation in properties leased to and managed by the local office of Sacro, a voluntary organisation which provides services and support to offenders and ex-offenders throughout Scotland. Sacro leases properties from councils and locallybased housing associations. Most provision is concentrated in Aberdeen even though need arises throughout the region.

Author(s)McIvor, Gill; Taylor, Mary
Title of seriesHousing Research Findings
Number in series138
Publication date28/02/1995
PublisherJoseph Rowntree Foundation
Publisher URL
ISSN of series0958-3084
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