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Research Report

Understanding Offending Among Young People - Research Findings

Jamieson J, McIvor G & Murray C (1999) Understanding Offending Among Young People - Research Findings. Scottish Executive. Social Work Research Findings, 37. Scottish Executive Central Research Unit.

This study explores the choices young people make with respect to involvement in offending and, in particular, young people's decisions to resist, to desist from and to persist in offending behaviour. It consisted of a survey of 1274 3rd and 4th year secondary school pupils; interviews with 276 young people in three age groups (14-15 years, 18-19 years and 22-25 years); and interviews with a small sample of police officers, teachers and social workers.

Author(s)Jamieson, Janet; McIvor, Gill; Murray, Cathy
Title of seriesSocial Work Research Findings
Number in series37
Publication date30/11/1999
PublisherScottish Executive Central Research Unit
Publisher URL…835-a0540b9db328
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