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Research Report

Evaluation of the Matrix Project: Summary

McIvor G & Moodie K (2002) Evaluation of the Matrix Project: Summary. Scottish Executive. Interchange series, 77. Scottish Executive Education Department.

First paragraph: The Matrix Project is a programme that has been established in central Scotland with the aim of reducing the risk of offending and anti-social behaviour among vulnerable children. The project is led by Barnardo's and was funded from 1999 to 2002 by the HM Treasury Invest to Save Initiative in partnership with the Scottish Executive. It provides a range of services to children between eight and 11 years of age who are at risk in the local authority areas of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling. It builds upon well-established working relationships between Barnardo's, the local authorities and other relevant agencies and adopts an ‘evidence-based' approach to the services provided. The objective of the work undertaken by Matrix is to reduce the risk factors associated with offending and anti-social behaviour and promote those factors that provide children with resilience in the face of these risks.

Author(s)McIvor, Gill; Moodie, Kristina
Title of seriesInterchange series
Number in series77
Publication date30/09/2002
PublisherScottish Executive Education Department
Publisher URL
ISSN of series0969-613X
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