Book Chapter

Assessing Scottish Democracy


McGarvey N & Cairney P (2008) Assessing Scottish Democracy. In: McGarvey N & Cairney P (eds.) Scottish Politics: An Introduction. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 219-241.

First paragraph: As noted in Chapter 2 the SCC Final Report (1995), the Yes-Yes 1997 Referendum campaign and the Consultative Steering Group Report (1999) all emphasized an aspiration of a new style of democracy and politics in Scotland. ‘New politics' suggests a style of politics which is not only consensual, but also involves the participation of more individuals and groups. A central feature is the inclusion of hitherto excluded sections of society. While the most prominent example of this movement was to ensure that more women were elected to the Scottish Parliament, a broader aim was to ensure greater participation among groups held to be excluded from political participation in the past. Ethnic minorities are mentioned explicitly by the SCC, but there is also an implicit suggestion that this focus extends as broadly as possible to, for example, people with disabilities, young people, and rural populations relatively distant from the capital city.

Publication date31/07/2008
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